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Aleshia has been helping women, families and athletes from all walks of life to transform their health, mindset and eating style for the last 15 years. She helps us realize that food is a blessing, not a sin and that your unique, easy-to-follow healthy lifestyle just needs to be discovered.

Stop letting the food industry dictate how you should live and eat and find what is good, balanced, simple and makes sense for you and your family.

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If there is one thing I want for you is to see the light go on about the simplicity and joy of healthy living!

Topics I Discuss

Include but are not limited to (may or may not include live cooking demos)

Where food meets faith

God’s perspective on food, nutrition and healthy living: Food is a blessing not a sin, Where faith meets science, emotions, eating, health and longevity. 

Healthify your fav meals

Get your health groove – for you and your family, culture and taste buds. Incl. Strategies like lunchboxes to improve eating habits

Women’s Health

Women’s health – The effect of food on our hormones, gut , mood and more. Get your energy back and never diet again. Losing weight is inevitable with Clever eating!

Easy healthy cooking

Bringing joy and ease back into cooking – easy, nutritious and delicious without breaking the bank! 15 to 30-minute meals that boost gut health, metabolism and hormonal balance. 

Family & Kiddies Nutrition

Simple tricks to healthify family favorites one step at a time. Getting your kids and spouse to eat healthily has never been this easy! I teach you easy tricks to get your kids’ bodies to crave healthy food! 

Back2Basics Nutrition

Helping moms take control of their health and their family’s health with sound nutritional education on gut health, hormonal health, immune building do’s and don’ts. Getting rid of the diet noise and going back2basics.

Live Cooking demos and tasting:

All meals Aleshia demos are meals from her cookbook. These meals are not just healthy, quick, delicious, budget friendly and family focused (which is already as rare as pineapples in the desert!), but are designed to support your gut health, wake up your metabolism, stabilize hormones, curb cravings, get rid of brain fog, help you and your kids to focus and concentrate, stabilize your mood and much more! You don’t have to let go of your culture, taste preferences or rob a bank to go healthy!

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Customer Reviews

These recipes are huge wins in our household now Aleshia! My boyfriend says this is restaurant food - and he hates vegetables (if he only knew!)
Karen Purdon