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Nutrition Academy

Our cutting edge 12 week B2B Academy is a practical and theory course that is perfect for anyone wanting to take back control of their health as a whole, balance their hormones or lose weight by forming a customized healthy lifestyle they enjoy for life!

Want incredible health, long-lasting weight loss, vibrant energy and amazing skin and hair?

There is just one problem:

“You are overwhelmed with all the confusing and contradictory health industry dogma and don’t know where to start!”

As a qualified nutritionist with a BSc in Nutritional science, I teach people just like you to radically increase their health by becoming their own personal nutritionists.

Since the beginning of my career, I have seen far too many frustrated women get temporary results. Why could they not make this stick?  I went down a rabbit hole trying to understand what the missing link was. The results surprised me.

Sure my clients lost weight, but they were bound to me spoon-feeding their every meal and step. They struggled to integrate healthy habits and meals into their everyday lifestyles. They lacked a real practical understanding of the language between body, food, mind and emotions. This left them with an unchanged diet mindset with temporary results, disappointment, frustration and focused on the wrong things. In the meantime they could have enjoyed an abundance of amazing food, not seeing food as sin and delicious meals as horrible temptations.

It broke my heart to see how they were beating themselves up over a “lack of self-control’ and having no idea how to cook up a delicious but healthy family meal. I just had to help them succeed!

Yes, food is a blessing! Yes, we have taste buds for a reason! Yes God made our bodies as His temple! Yes, we can as parents make, eat and enjoy good family meals that are quick, easy, delicious, budget-friendly and loved at social events WHILE we get our health back and lose weight!!

This way, you keep your results easily!

Our cutting-edge 12 week B2B Nutrition Academy is a practical + theory course that is perfect for anyone wanting to improve their overall health, balance their hormones or lose weight while eating delicious meals that make sense regarding budget, flavor and family life!

1 %

of diets fail and most that succeed gain the weight within 1-5 years. 

1 %

who successfully complete a diet  gain all the weight back.

1 %

admit to unhealthy  feelings related to food or their bodies.

1 %

give up on their weight loss goals within two weeks

If you want to ditch the endless diet cycles and want forever results

I have got good news for you.

You can achieve this. It’s easier than they will have you believe.  

The penny dropped for me in week three. Now making better choices have become so much easier.  I really do feel like I am becoming my own nutritionist. 

                        – Laverne Botha

Here's What you will Learn.

Module 1 - Simplicity

You’ll understand the guidelines and principles of the program, We go through the meal plan and set you up for success.

Module 2 - Fasting and Detox

You’ll understand how your body detoxes- when, where, how, how often

Module 3 - Nutrition Basics

You’ll understand food groups and their function/purpose in a practical way that you intentionally can teach your kids too.

Module 4 - Nutrient interactions

You’ll understand the incredible interaction between food and the body.

Module 5 - Gut Health

The different functions and balances involved in your gut. Why this is significant. Understanding in this area will forever change your perspective on foods.

Module 6 - Digestion

You’ll understand a well-functioning digestive system explained in a practical way that you intentionally can teach your kids too.

Module 7 - Metabolism

You’ll get the real skinny about what drives your metabolism.

Module 8 - Hormones

You’ll understand how what we eat directly influences our hormonal levels.

Module 9 - Meal Planning

You will learn mindset and beliefs around cooking – what is keeping you back and jewels to build on. We work on the basic foundations that will liberate you to make endless different meal variations!

Module 10 - Let's Cook

You will learn mindset and beliefs around cooking – what is keeping you back and jewels to build on. We work on the basic foundations that will liberate you to make endless different meal variations!

Module 11 - Kids and Nutrition

You will learn that going healthy is a process and how to get your family involved.

Module 12 - Long Term Strategies

You will learn how to make your new healhty lifestyle a permanent thing and implement all the strategies for life-long change.

Customers Reviews

I had a very strange challenge this weekend camping with friends - they all wanted MY FOOD I ended up eating unhealthy stuff because they enjoyed my B2B meals too much!
Allison, single and an eager learner

Want to Kick Start Life-Changing Habits?

With my frugal budget of $100 per week for food for a family of 7, I came to a shocking total of $51 for the week! (Except for the chicken I used from the freezer). Saving while eating healthy?! Yes, please!
Julie, Texas

Say hello to a REAL game changer.

My Clients say NO to...

And YES to...

But Aleshia....

...I can never Stick to a meal plan

News Flash: Me either. On my program, you not only get a week by week meal plan. You get the Build-a-meal blueprint to have maximum flexibility to eat what you are in the mood for, 

...I dont have time to cook healthy meals

News Flash: Neither do I . How does from fridge to table in 30 minutes sound to you? You can have a nutritious meal that even picky eaters love that will help you reach your health goals. 

... I hate cooking separate meals

News Flash: There is not a person walking the earth that would love this. That is why I want to teach you to use the building blocks of a meal and slightly modify the same meal for different family members. No more cooking separate meals. The goal is to get your family healthier in the process.

.... I just love food too much

News Flash: You are supposed to love food, On my program, I do not promote bland tasteless food and expect you to white knuckle through it. I really want you to LOVE your food. You need to still get the same emotional satisfaction from your food. 

... I just love unhealthy food

News Flash: We all do! With all the MSG in junk food, it’s impossible not to. They design certain foods with chemicals that trigger your brain. On my program, you will learn how to healthify your favourites and also how to treat yourself without messing up your goals. 

... I am sick of dieting

News Flash: No one does. That is why I want you to stop dieting. It’s the biggest farce there is and I want you to stop doing it, thinking about it or buying into it. My program is the anti-diet. Join the 12 week Course and you NEVER have to diet again. 

... I cant afford expensive products

News Flash: You shouldn’t have to in order to be healthy. There are no special products, pills or shakes that you need to buy. Other than your initial investment in this program, you will eat real food that promotes you to stay fuller for longer and heal your gut and hormones so you stop craving as much. 

... I dont think I have the motivation

News Flash: Everyone’s initial motivation wanes. We work on making you loving your meals and becoming disciplined. Plus this is when coaching becomes so powerful. You will also have peer support to help you when you need a little boost. 

Are You tired of...

And you are ready to…


Industry Insight

Led by a qualified professional Nutritionist.


Exclusive Group

Connect with students worldwide.

ak (2)

Virtual Coaching

We meet the entire group to follow up on results and cover the weekly lesson


Payment Options

Flexible payment options


SHopping List

Editable shopping Lists


Mini Cooking School

Members get access to live cooking demos, material & videos



Easy, Delicious, quick recipes that won’t break the bank



Completion Certificate at the end of the academy.


Meal Plan

Weekly customizable meal plan and the blueprint to build one

The Pillars of the B2B Program


After the discovery call we will evaluate your current gut health and determine the best course of action for optimal gut function. After a few weeks we will re-evaluate if your plan is working and tweak it as we go.


Replace the bad with the good. Learn to ‘healthify’ favorite meals for proper digestion and absorption of key nutrients that may have been depleted by diet, drugs, diseases, ageing, stress and other factors. Ignorance and misinformation are the main culprits!


Replace the good. Add back in essential ingredients for proper digestion and absorption that may have been depleted by diet, drugs, diseases, ageing or other factors.


Restoration of the gut starts with the gut lining repair. You can compare this to building a house (gut lining) with secure windows, doors and walls for a safe haven for the family (the good gut bacteria and flora) to move into and want to stay. The gut lining integrity gets severely compromised during periods of inflammation, stress, antibiotic use, chronic medication and other irritants over time. Repairing the gut lining is a critical first step to better health, vitality, increasing immunity, hormonal balance and permanent weight loss.


After restoring and rebuilding the gut lining (building the house and making it homey and inviting for the ‘family’ to move in) we need to repopulate the gut with beneficial bacteria and flora (microbiome). We achieve this by eating, what I call, clever meals and following specific principles, reducing the recovery time frame by months and even years in some cases!


Rebalancing your systems as a whole! From physiological systems like hormones (endocrine system), immune system, detoxing system and many others! The communication is open! The signals are firing correctly! This is the sweet spot and where the magic happens! Your lifestyle is starting to match up with your much-needed change and you are enjoying your new balanced lifestyle approach with all its incredible health benefits.

Dieting does more harm than good. Not only does it promote weight gain, also negatively impacts your physical and psychological well-being.

Here's what you Receive

Need my Undivided Attention & 1:1 Coaching?

I have a very limited number of spots open for private coaching each month. If you would like private 1:1 sessions with me you get everything in the academy 


Group Program

This is for you if...

  • You are ready to focus on the solution, not the problem
  • You thrive in a group environment and enjoy accountability
  • You enjoy the freedom of less regular check-in’s
    You love figuring things out with clear guidelines and tools
  • You are happy to work on mindset & personal challenges in a group setting.
  • You enjoy group support through challenging times.

1:1 Program

This is for you if...

  • You love the group dynamic but you also want your own personal plan
  • You are very shy and prefer privacy
  • You need help to accomplish goals
  • You are not confident in the kitchen and need personalized steps to really take you from point A to point B

*These spots are EXTREMELY limited so book as early as possible to ensure that your spot is reserved.

Have questions or need a discovery Call?

I would love to help you make the best choice for you. With our discovery call we go through your challenges, goals, medical history, beliefs and wants so we can see what package suits you best.